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Perth Property Hub

Property experts share their knowledge and it’s free!

The idea for Perth Property Hub was born from Kerri’s desire to educate her customers on various property matters. Through conversations with her clients, Kerri discovered there was a need for people to have a central place where they could find the information they were seeking, on various property topics.

Having been in the finance industry for over 25yrs, Kerri has formed great relationships with many Perth property experts who were all delighted to be a part of this educational video series.

Our Property Experts are freely sharing their knowledge and expertise on basic topics such as “How to make an offer on a property” to the more complex, such as “What to look for when buying a property to subdivide”.

Our experts include, Real Estate Sales Agents, Settlement Agents, a Land Surveyor, Building Inspectors, Finance brokers, Commercial designers, a Property Profiler and Residential builders.

For example, did you know that the building inspection industry is unregulated? This means not all building inspectors have the same qualifications as others! So, how do you know the inspector you engage is sufficiently qualified and experienced to provide you with the valuable information needed? Listen to Ben Black in his video on this topic.

Our intention is that Perth Property Hub becomes a valuable resource for you to share with your friends, family, and work colleagues. We will continue to grow the series with more content, so if you have any specific property questions, please let us know so we can bring that content to you in the future.


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A collaboration of Perth Property Experts freely sharing their knowledge and expertise through a series of videos.